Zoe Kleinman

Zoe Kleinman

Reporter and presenter, BBC News

Zoe Kleinman is a leading BBC journalist and presenter.

While her specialist subject is technology, Zoe is also known for her expertise in business news and global current affairs.

From cyber-security and smart homes to artificial intelligence and driverless cars, she brings tech stories to a mainstream global audience of millions across international radio, TV and online outlets including Radio 4’s Today programme and BBC World News.

Zoe is also a regular host of the global current affairs programme BBC OS.

She has travelled the world trying out new technology, including racing drones in the desert, spending the night in a house full of robots, being turned into a human beatbox, climbing Mount Everest (in virtual reality) and trying to survive for 48 hours using only Bitcoin on the Isle of Man (with limited success).

Zoe recently reported extensively on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data scandal and has closely followed the ongoing diversity crisis in Silicon Valley and its far-reaching impact on the products we all use.