Conference and exhibition

What is this event all about?

This brand new event has been created to empower you to drive forward evidence based transformation in your housing association. Speakers from inside and outside the sector will provide not only practical guidance on delivery but also the inspiration for what is possible. 

Why is this important now?

Organisations across the sector recognise the need to transform their businesses in order to meet the changing demands of their customers, to react to technological advances and drive value and efficiency. 

Why do I need to be there?

We are developing an ambitious conference programme covering a huge range of themes including digital transformation, culture change, leadership, new service and operating models, innovation in development and partnerships. Transformation impacts the work of all teams, so regardless of your particular area of responsibility, there’ll be something for you. 

How will it help me?

We know it can be lonely driving transformation on your own – our hosted networking will help you connect with others driving transformation too.

Find out more about the themes

Book your place today to save £150 with our early bird tickets.

  • Explore over 50 exhibitiors and gain practical tips 
  • Learn from those leading the way in business transformation and hear case studies from innovators, disruptors and a host of top out of sector speakers
  • Listen to cutting edge strategic sessions from pionners in the sector and beyond
  • Network and build conncections across the sector with those grappling with simialar challenges to you to build solutions.